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Venum Shield Loma Boxing Gloves - Blue/Yellow


Limited edition of professional boxing gloves. Hand made of argentinian premium leather. Loma collection style inspired by Vasily Lomachenko.

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Category: Training Gloves
Code: 1060034--12oz--blue-yellow
Original product code: VENUM-03911-405
Brand: Venum

Venum Shield Boxing Gloves - Blue/Yellow

This glove inherits the construction and characteristics of the Shield Pro. This is Loma's choice for hitting the heavy bag and using in sparring sessions (16oz and 18oz). In the larger weights, this glove allows the athlete to complete gruelling training sessions with great comfort. The construction is specially designed for boxers with fragile hands. In 8oz and 10oz, however, its absorption capability drops considerably and turns it into a formidable slugger of a glove. The Boxing Shield Loma Edition glove has two very different faces. Its design incorporates the colors of the Ukrainian flag, dear to Vasyl Lomachenko. LIMITED EDITION


  • Professional boxing gloves
  • Multi-layer construction: for protection and durability
  • Premium Argentinian nappa leather: beauty, durability and longevity
  • Hand made in Thailand
  • Limited edition
  • Brand: Venum
  • Imported

MAINTENANCE: Wash dry gloves with lukewarm water with soap. Once the gloves have dried, treat them with specific products. Properly treated gloves not only look good, they also maintain the original properties and increase their lifetime with proper care. Do not wash, do not use the handle gloves, do not put on the heater, do not dry in the dryer. You can use tapes or short bandages for gloves. Reduces the risk of injury and absorbs moisture. We recommend the purchase of deodorized balls for gloves - neutralizing unpleasant odors, bites and refreshes.