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Venum Giant 2.0 Linares Boxing Gloves - Khaki/Black/Gold


Professional gloves from the successful line Giant 2.0, original design of the Linares collection. Limited edition - premium Argentine leather. Hand made in Thailand.

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Category: Training Gloves
Code: 1060035--12oz--khaki-black-gold
Original product code: VENUM-03922-200
Brand: Venum

Venum Giant 2.0 Boxing Gloves - Khaki/Black/Gold

The Giant 2.0 Linares Edition are based on the prolific Proboxing Giant 2.0. Sharing the same revered characteristics. It´s incredibly versatile glove, offering the best compromise between impact and protection. The hand is optimally positioned internally to provide heavy strikes. Therefore upon impact, the clenched fist is already positioned perfectly, this reduces the risk of injury and ensures the arm is not overly tense before impact. Working alongside JORGE LINARES  in the development of this glove, we were able to implement his valuable and world-class knowledge and feedback. Finally, the combination of colors: Khaki, black and gold work perfectly together and it looks beautiful. The Giant 2.0 Linares Edition Gloves are part of a new Linares range including headgear and a professional protective cup. LIMITED EDITION!


  • Professional Boxing Gloves
  • Multilayer construction: Polyethylene, EVA and natural rubber
  • Shock absorbing and protective layers
  • Premium Argentinian nappa leather
  • Entirely hand made in Thailand
  • Velcro closure
  • Brand: Venum
  • Imported

MAINTENANCE: Wash dry gloves with lukewarm water with soap. Once the gloves have dried, treat them with specific products. Properly treated gloves not only look good, they also maintain the original properties and increase their lifetime with proper care. Do not wash, do not use the handle gloves, do not put on the heater, do not dry in the dryer. You can use tapes or short bandages for gloves. Reduces the risk of injury and absorbs moisture. We recommend the purchase of deodorized balls for gloves - neutralizing unpleasant odors, bites and refreshes.