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Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves


Future champions deserve the best equipment. This is why Venum designed the Contender Kids boxing glove, ideal for an introduction to boxing.

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Category: Junior and Kids' Gloves
Code: 1070006--08oz--black-red
Original product code: VENUM-02822-100
Brand: Venum

Venum Contender Kids Boxing Gloves

Made of premium synthetic leather. Venum Boxing Gloves have a curved anatomical shape perfectly suited to small hands.
For convenience and safety, these baby boxing gloves are made of a multi-density polyester foam with Velcro closure.
The quality of the gloves is the same as for adult gloves!

For future champions

MAINTENANCE: Wash dry gloves with lukewarm water with soap. Once the gloves have dried, treat them with synthetic products. Properly treated gloves not only look good, they also maintain the original properties and increase their lifetime with proper care. Do not wash, do not use the handle gloves, do not put on the heater, do not dry in the dryer. You can use tees or short bandages for gloves. Reduces the risk of injury and absorbs moisture. We recommend the purchase of deodorized balls for gloves - neutralizing unpleasant odors, bites and refreshes.


  • Made of premium synthetic leather
  • Anatomically adapted
  • Velcro fastening

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