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Venum Challenger Running Parachute - black/neo yellow


The Venum Challenger Running Parachute is a multidisciplinary physical preparation tool that aims to develop your speed, strengthen muscle, and boost your explosiveness.

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Category: Strengthening
Code: 3080132----black-neoyellow
Original product code: VENUM-04216-116
Brand: Venum

Venum Challenger Running Parachute

SPEED: Working with continuous resistance strengthens muscles and develops their power.

RESISTANCE / ENDURANCE: The faster the stride, the greater the resistance, muscle recruitment and contraction will be all the more important. Working with greater efforts and distances will help build endurance.

EXPLOSIVITY / ACCELERATION: The parachute is a favorite accessory for sprinters: it allows you to work on your acceleration and explosiveness.

TECHNIQUE: The resistance will force the runner to correct their posture so as not to disturb the parachute during exercise. The positioning of the chest, movement of the arms, amplitude and frequency of the stride: the parachute will work to correct your general body positioning to optimize your running technique.


  • Convenient to transport and store.
  • Easy to put on and easy to use.
  • Adjustable to all body types.
  • No jerkiness, unlike training sleds.
  • Progressive difficulty, proportional to your speed.
  • Suitable for all levels.

PLEASE NOTE: this product is an athletic parachute / physical preparation device designed to provide resistance when running. This is not a product for skydiving use.


  • Parachute diameter: 137 cm / 54 inches
  • Parachute material: 100% polyester
  • Mesh panels for stability
  • One size fits all - adjustable belt
  • Attachment clip allowing instant release at the end of the stroke
  • Up to 14Kg / 30 lbs of resistance depending on run speed
  • Easy to transport: carrying bag included
  • Weight : 0.30
  • Brand : Venum

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