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Speed Bags

Everlast 1910 Leather Speed Bag - brown

The 1910 collection presents the history of the Everlast brand in a new modern concept. High…

99,58 € incl. VAT
Everlast Kangaroo Speed Bag

Ultra-premium kangaroo leather provides the lightest and most durable speed bag on the market.…

74,17 € incl. VAT
Everlast 1910 Leather Double-Ended Striking Bag

Excellent equipment for training combinations and techniques. Thanks to its shape and movement, it…

112,08 € incl. VAT
Speed Bag Bladder Everlast

Latex bladder for speed bag - resistant and easy to install.

7,92 € incl. VAT
Speed Bag Bladder Everlast 4230

Latex bladder for speed bag. It guarantees durability and easy installation.

7,92 € incl. VAT
-37 %
Everlast Leather Speed Bag

Premium grade leather for extreme durability and improved functionality. Features reinforced seams…

74,17 € 47,08 € incl. VAT
-7 %
Everlast Reflex Bag

High density plastic base is easily filled with water or sand for stability. Durable spring neck…

126,67 € 117,92 € incl. VAT
Everlast Pro Speed Bag Swivel

Smooth ball bearing swivel design increases bag speed and accuracy when training. Machine crafted…

25,83 € incl. VAT
Everlast Everhide Speed Bag

Premium synthetic leather along with excellent construction provides long lasting durability and…

29,13 € incl. VAT

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