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SmellWell Black Zebra Deodorizer


Smellwell bags not only scent, but effectively eliminate and neutralize odors by absorbing moisture. It is moisture that helps bacteria to multiply. This product will be appreciated by all athletes - Smellwell are suitable for shoes, boxing gloves, sports bags and athletic equipment.

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Category: Sneakerballs, deodorizer
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Brand: SmellWell

SmellWell Deodorizer


  • Material: recycled fabric, non-woven inner membrane
  • Filling: 100% natural composition
  • Package contents: 2 bags / 100 g
  • Removes odors
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Put in shoes or equipment and let it work, for example, overnight
  • Efficiency from bag opening: min. 6 months
  • Ideally, allow the bags to dry in the sun from time to time for longer shelf life
  • Brand: SmellWell Sweden


Innovative, environmentally friendly formula

Our product consists of the finest grind activated bamboo charcoal on the market and absorbs 30% more moisture in comparison with other available products which are using chunks of charcoal. Activated carbon has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way of cleaning and filtering both water and air. We use activated carbon made of bamboo, which has a very large surface area that allows it to effectively absorb and neutralize bad smell, but also absorbs moisture.

Bamboo also is good from a sustainability perspective because it is very fast growing. Salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties allow the inserts to absorb moisture and sweat. The material is enclosed in a non-woven inner bag. This acts as a membrane by holding in all the components but allowing moisture to be transported from the shoe or training equipment into the bag.

SmellWell Freshener Inserts are climate neutral produced and support a climate protection project to preserve natural resources and the environment. Our inserts are certified by REACH and Prop 65 ensuring highest quality and consumer safety. SmellWell inserts are vegan and tested by athletes- not animals.


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