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Ringhorns Nitro Heavy Bag - Black - 130 cm, 35kgs


Heavy punching bag with nylon straps. Supplied filled. Durable material and reinforced straps. The bag has an eyelet for anchoring at the bottom.

Price incl. VAT 174,58 €
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Category: Hanging Bags
Code: 1100118----black
Original product code: RH-00024-001-130
Brand: Ringhorns

Ringhorns Nitro Heavy Bag - Black - 130 cm, 35kgs

Improve your Performance!

Insatiable and tireless partner of your training sessions, the Ringhorns Nitro heavy punching bag will allow you to progress every day. Work your technique and your combos. Develop your cardio and shape your mind with this super-resistant bag.


  • Premium PU, nylon straps
  • Great design and maximum durability
  • Available in three sizes:
  • 130cm-35kg, 150cm-40kg, 170cm-50kg
  • Supplied filled
  • Nylon ultra-resistant straps
  • Brand: Ringhorns

We supply this type of punching bag only for the Czech Republic.


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