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Punch Mitts

Catch and Release Everlast Mitts

Unique design features a boxing glove combined with a padded mitt to aid trainers in perfecting a…

128,75 € incl. VAT
Kwon Hand Mitt - red

26,67 € incl. VAT
Kwon Double Hand Mitt - red

61,67 € incl. VAT
Yokkao Institution Focus Mitts Close-Finger - red

Curved training mitts by Yokkao. Padded wrist, fingers protected by reinforced breathable cover.

74,58 € incl. VAT
Everlast 1910 Focus Mitts - black/white

Leather mitts 17 x 20 cm for advanced target control training. The padded wrist, comfortable glove…

140,83 € incl. VAT
Bad Boy Focus Mitts - black/white

These training mitts allow you to improve your combination of quick impact, your reaction and…

57,92 € incl. VAT
Danrho Wall strike pad Makiwara

Wall striking bag for punch training, e.g. edge of hand and finger punches. Delivered unfilled.…

27,92 € incl. VAT
Everlast Partner Boxing Training Kit

Kit includes one pair of Punch Mitts and one pair of Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves. Best for training…

55,83 € incl. VAT
Everlast Pro Elite Mantis Mitts - black

Part of the ELITE training line, the Mantis Mitts are designed with the coach in mind. Anatomically…

149,58 € incl. VAT

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