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Judo Uniform Randori, blue | 180cm


Judo kimono Randori Danrho, color blue, size 180cm. Lightweight yet very durable kimono for all ages, suitable not only for intense training but also lighter competition. Traditional fabric structure (rice grain)

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Category: Gis
Code: 7100193--180--blue
Original product code: 339003180
Brand: Danrho

Judo Uniform Randori, blue / 180 cm

Lightweight yet very durable kimono for all ages. Kimono is reinforced in the area of knees, chest and shoulders, ensuring its high tear resistance. Seamless back. The trousers have an elasticated waistband. The kimono comes with white belt. Suitable not only for intensive training but also for competition.


  • Material: 100% cotton (500g/m2)
  • Typical rice grain structure.
  • Imported