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Heavy bag gloves

Kwon Heavy Bag Gloves - black/red

Leather gloves for training on a punching bag. Flexible foam reinforcement and elastic velcro cuff.…

39,60 € incl. VAT
Kwon Heavy Bag Gloves - black

Fingerless heavy bag gloves have shaped padding and a wide cuff with soft reinforced wrist. Padded…

39,60 € incl. VAT
-17 %
Title Heavy Bag Gloves - red/white

Punching PU gloves at affordable price, suitable for beginners and juniors. Comfort is guaranteed…

14,00 € 11,60 € incl. VAT
Everlast Pro Bag PU Gloves Boston - black

These gloves are developed for extremely hard and heavy bag training. Designed with a thick shock…

27,96 € incl. VAT