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Groin Protectors

Men's Groin Guard Kwon Anatomical CE

Wide elasticized band supporting anatomically-shaped guard. Hard plastic cup, covered with vinyl.…

23,60 € incl. VAT
Venum Competitor Groinguard & Support - Silver Series

The Venum Competitor cup groin guard is the perfect protection for all beginning and seasoned…

31,96 € incl. VAT
Danrho Lady Groin Guard CE

Lower abdomen protection for women. Made from soft imitation leather.

16,80 € incl. VAT
Venum Challenger Groinguard & Support

The Venum Challenger cup groin guard offers great protection for all beginning and seasoned martial…

23,96 € incl. VAT
Thai Smai metal groin protector

Metal groin protector designed for training Muay Thai, MMA and other combat sports. Made in…

35,60 € incl. VAT
Everlast PU Protective Cup

Protective Cup 100% Cotton, containing PVC cup with shock absorbing foam edges. Ideal for training…

9,56 € incl. VAT
Kwon Lady Groin Guard Professional CE, WTF rec.

Official WTF recognized. Anatomically-shaped, making it very comfortable to wear. Wide stretch belt…

25,20 € incl. VAT
Kwon Lady Groin Guard CE

Hard plastic guard, covered with vinyl. Anatomically-shaped design. Wide elasticized belt for…

17,60 € incl. VAT
Kwon Men's Groin guard Professional CE, WTF rec

Anatomically-shaped cup designed to prevent lateral slip. Additional lower-body protection with…

25,60 € incl. VAT