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Everlast Striking Leather Training Gloves

Everlast Striking Leather Training Gloves

High-grade leather grappling gloves made for striking and bag work, featuring C3 and EverDri technologies, along with a supportive 18-inch hook-and-loop wrist strap with tri-sect closure.

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Category: Ultimate/MMA gloves
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Brand: Everlast

Leather MMA Sparring Gloves

Everlast training gloves made of leather designed for the most demanding workouts. High quality flexible leather construction. Thick padded thumb cover. The fingers are protected by leather strips. The fingertips and thumbs are deliberately loose so giving freedom for the fingers for a firm grip and hold on opponent. The Everdri ™ special lining material absorbs sweat and removes excess moisture. The palm is partially open, so the hand in the glove itself is breathing. The leather fastening band is 47 cm long and 6.5 cm thick. Each of the gloves weights 7oz. (= about 198 grams). The Everlast logo is printed on the leather strap and on the back of the glove. The inside lining is black.


  • Made of high quality, flexible leather
  • Very comfortable
  • Velcro strip