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Everlast PVC sauna suit

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This Deluxe Sauna Suit is the necessary tool you need to enhance your conditioning routine. Wearing this suit during your workout traps body heat, keeping your muscles warm and limber, allowing you to shed water and calories more effectively.

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Category: Weight Loss
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Brand: Everlast

Everlast PVC sauna suit

Training in a sauna suit causes an increase of our body temperature, we burn more energy. That is why we sweat more and drain more water from the body than in classic clothes. It is excellent help for aerobic training and weight loss. The Pvc material is almost airtight and keeps the heat inside. This Everlast sauna suit is used by athletes from all over the world. It is very popular for boxers, weightlifters, judo fighters, wrestlers and all athletes in different weight categories and need to reduce weight. Of course, the sauna suit helps to everyone to achieve faster and better results. Sweating also removes salts and toxins from the body.
The name sauna suit does not mean that it is used in a sauna, but it will ensure that you will feel as if you were actually in the sauna. This suit is suitable for cardio workouts, light training - walking, running, stepper, skipping rope, elliptical trainer.

NOTE: We reccomend you to choose a larger size than your usual to have a freedom of movement and no ruptures.


  • Material: PVC
  • Color: silver
  • The set includes pants and jacket
  • Elastic waist, sleeve, leg and neck edges
  • Maintenance: Clean manually in lukewarm water using soap (do not wash, do not iron)
  • Everlast logo
  • Imported

Can not be used for boxing training, cycling, MMA training and similar strenuous form of training.