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Everlast Matte Boxing Gloves PU - Black


Compact glove design, providing a balance of speed, comfort, and protection while delivering a powerful punch.

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Category: Training Gloves
Code: 1280289--16oz--black
Original product code: MPU01
Brand: Everlast

Everlast Matte Boxing Gloves black

Made of ultra resistant tough synthetic leather with attractive design. The ergonomic shape ensures comfort and functionality. Highly absorbing foam allows you unlimited training. Especially recommended for pad work, bag work and cardio-training. Attached thumb.


  • 100% ultra resistant synthetic leather
  • Dual side protection for multi-boxing use
  • Injected foam for high shock absorbing
  • Reinforced foam for superior shockwave absorption on opposing kicks
  • Ergonomic shape to improve hand positioning
  • Firm Velcro strap for a steady, maintained and secure fit
  • Attached thumb to protect opponent from eye injury and avoid thumb twisting
  • Imported