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Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts


Moisture absorbing & anti-microbial lining retains freshness & fights bacterial growth extending the life of your boxing equipment. Mesh back ensures breathability & comfort. Mantis shape & padded wrist support provide superior hand safety & comfort.

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Category: Punch Mitts
Code: 1200011
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Brand: Everlast

Everlast Mantis boxing curved Punch Mitts

Made of very light and durable new Everhide® material, which with its features and durability almost flattens the skin. Designed for different types of workouts. Also suitable for all training combinations of strokes, both directives and hooks, as well as lifters. Specially shaped for precision training. They contain three foam-absorbing sandwich layers that absorb all shocks and shocks. The blades are very durable, light and durable. Throughout its circumference, but above all on its underside, each lapa is seldom sneered.

The back is provided with a hand opening with fingers, which makes the hand still in the same position throughout the load, which prevents all injuries. The hole on the hand is equipped with three ventilation holes for perfect aeration of the hand. Inside the palm is a yellow target with the Everlast logo, which shows the right place to strike.


  • Dimensions:
  • The height of each lapel is 24.5cm, width in the upper, broader part 19.5cm.
  • The strength of the labia is 4cm.
  • Black and gray design.
  • The pack contains two mitts.
  • On the back of each lapel logo Everlast.

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