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Everlast Cardioblast Boxing Bag - 105 cm, 20 kg


Longer bag length (40" / 102 cm) to accommodate punches, knees, and kicks. CardioBlast Bag combines a lightweight technical outer shell with impact dispersing stuffing for the ultimate in dynamic cardio training. Premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing along with superior heavy bag construction provides durability and functionality. Designed without sand bags to create softer feel for cardio and conditioning work. Everstrike technology is a woven, textured lightweight synthetic material engineered for maximum durability.

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Category: Hanging Bags
Code: 1100062----black-pink
Original product code: SH4904U
Brand: Everlast

Everlast Cardioblast Boxing Bag

The boxing bag is equipped with EVERSTRIKE technology - a woven textured matrix of lightweight synthetic material engineered for maximum duarbility to withstand the most powerful kicks, punches and knees. Great for your challenging cardio workout. Highly durable nylon straps provide a secure grip without unnecessary movement. Pink design to suit your style.

We deliver the bag filled  with special crushed cloth. At the bottom of the bag there is an eyelet for the rubber bungee to attach the bag to the ground to minimize unwanted movement.


The length of the bag is 105 cm
The weight is around 20 kg.


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