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Double Exercise Wheel Deluxe Tunturi

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Double Ecercise wheel with knee pad. A useful training aid that strengthens the arms, shoulders, back and shapes the waist.

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Category: Strengthening
Code: 3080109
Original product code: 14TUSFU270
Brand: Tunturi

TUNTURI abdominal strengthening wheel with knee pad

The TUNTURI Exercise Wheel Deluxe is a suitable aid for shaping the whole body. Strengthens the arms, shoulders, back and shapes the waist. By moving on the floor, you mainly strengthen the abdominal and pectoral muscles, your arms, shoulders and back are also involved. Low weight and non-slip, foam grips are among the other advantages of this strengthening wheel.


  • Double wheel for increased durability
  • Wheel diameter: 18.5 cm
  • Handle material: plastic + foam sleeves
  • Wheel material: plastic + rubber
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Includes knee pad!
  • Brand: Tunturi
  • Imported