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Bo Stick Danrho 183cm

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Bo Stick Danrho 183cm

Bo stick Danrho. The stick is made only of high quality oak. The wood has a very low water content after the drying process, it is treated with fine sanding paper several times because of its typical smooth surface. Length: approx. 183cm, diameter 2.8cm

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Category: Self Defense
Code: 1390001
Original product code: 334001032
Brand: Danrho

Bo Stick Danrho 183cm

We use only highest quality oak in the manufacturing of each DANRHO Bo. After a special drying procedure, the wood exhibits only minimal water content. It then undergoes structural testing followed by repeated sanding with a very fine grade of sandpaper in order to achieve the typically smooth surface. In the last step, the stick is coated with a special stain and ultimately given a clear varnish finish.


  • Material: Solid heavy oak.
  • Length: approx. 183 cm.
  • Diameter / Width / Ø: approx. 3.2 cm.