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Bench Thigh Master


Lightweight and comfortable exercise aid for strengthening the inner and outer thighs, arms, shoulders and other muscle groups.

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Category: Strengthening
Code: 3080156----black
Original product code: BS3166
Brand: BENCH

Bench Thigh Master

The Thigh Master Butterfly Booster is a simple and proven exercise aid. It is used to shape the thigh muscles, arms, back and chest. It works on a simple but effective principle of spring resistance.

The arms of this booster are coated with a thick foam layer for comfort during exercise. By squeezing the booster arms with your feet, you can strengthen your outer and inner thighs in a short time. By squeezing the arms of the booster with the arms, it is then possible to strengthen the pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps and other muscle groups of the upper half of the body. Thanks to its versatile use and small size, this Thigh Master is an ideal home exercise tool.


  • Material: steel tube, foam padding
  • Length: 2 x  27 cm
  • Brand: Bench

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