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Bad Boy Boxing Bag 180 cm - black/white


Bad Boy heavy punching bag is made of resistant vinyl. It has firmly sewn six solid straps for hanging.

Price incl. VAT 191,25 €
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Category: Hanging Bags
Code: 1100093
Original product code: BBE00018
Brand: Bad Boy

Bad Boy Boxing Bag 180 cm - black/white

This punching bag has a distinctive vertical logo on one side and a smaller logo on the other.     It´s made of solid vinyl material, which is resistant to tearing.

In the upper part there is a zipper to eventually regulate the filling. The punching bag has firmly sewn textile hanging straps. The eyelet at the bottom serves to anchor the bag to the ground if necessary, thus preventing sideways movement.

The package doesn´t include a chain for hanging. Boxing bag is supplied filled.


  • Height: 180 cm
  • Circumference: 106 cm
  • Weight at filling: approx.  Kg
  • Material: black high-strength vinyl
  • Black colour
  • White logo on both sides
  • Brand: Bad Boy


We supply this type of punching bag only for the Czech Republic.


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