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Everlast Powerlock 2R Training Gloves - red

Hit the bag with full force and precision! Training gloves from the new line ensure high durability…

66,25 € incl. VAT
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Venum Elite Evo Boxing Gloves - black/black

The new improved line of Elite gloves brings a new ultra-durable microfiber , an optimized…

124,58 € incl. VAT
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-18 %
Training partner Rob - KWON

Made of a foam top in the human torso shape and durable plastic base that can be filled with either…

507,92 € 416,25 € incl. VAT
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-11 %
Venum Challenger Shin Guards - black

Very lightweight yet durable and well-fitting, these Venum Challenger Shin guards offer great…

74,17 € 65,83 € incl. VAT
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Venum Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves - black/grey

The second generation of Venum Contender 2.0 gloves offer higher quality, perfect fit and a compact…

49,58 € incl. VAT
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Venum Elite Shinguards - black/gold

Venum Elite quality shinguards are made in Thailand from 100% Skintex leather. They have anatomical…

120,42 € incl. VAT
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Venum Challenger MMA Gloves - black/white

Well designed Venum Challenger MMA gloves offer extremely strong wrist protection, along with…

55,00 € incl. VAT
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-7 %
Everlast Nevatear boxing bag 108 cm, 28 kg - red logo

Nevatear Boxing Bag features a durable synthetic leather casing designed to endure your daily…

107,92 € 99,58 € incl. VAT
ico New
Bench Kettlebell (6Kg)

Plastic one-handed kettlebell with cement filling. An excellent tool for developing strength and…

24,58 € incl. VAT
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Venum Light 4.0 Fightshorts - black/white

Durable and soft training shorts made of strong and flexible material. Velcro fastening, side slits…

74,58 € incl. VAT
ico New
-7 %
Venum Tempest 2.0 Vale Tudo Shorts - black/gold

The compression shorts can be worn alone or under the Venum training shorts. Combination of three…

57,92 € 53,75 € incl. VAT
ico New
Venum Razor Fightshorts - black/gold

Training shorts, suitable for all types of combat sports (MMA, Valetudo, BJJ, Kick box, Muay Thai,…

74,58 € incl. VAT
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Venum Classic Evo Dry Tech Men's Tank Top - black/white

Functional sleeveless T-shirt with Dry Tech technology will keep you comfortable and dry during…

41,25 € incl. VAT
ico New
Venum Tempest 2.0 women's leggins - black/gold

Women's leggings for fitness, running and other sports. They have a 7/8 length and mesh zones for…

57,92 € incl. VAT
ico New
Kwon Boxing Glove Keychain  - silver

Key ring - replica of a boxing lace-up glove, realistically made of leatherette.

4,17 € incl. VAT
ico New
Bench Weightlifting Straps - black

Quality Lifting Straps made of robust soft material with neoprene reinforcement for maximum comfort…

16,25 € incl. VAT

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